Introducing myself and Transactional Analysis (Rome Seminars @ MIB Networking on Wednesday 21st)

My name is Morgana Mastrocinque and I will hold the Seminar on Personal Growth for Mibers on March 21st.

Let me briefly introduce myself and Transactional Analysis, the discipline that will be the subject of my seminars.

My name is Morgana Mastrocinque (MIB 6) and I am a Manager in Ford of Italy (National Sales Location of Ford Motor Company). I am a passionate of neuro-sciences and, for this reason, I am a Counselor in Transactional Analysis for Organizations, and a Practioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Science).

Transactional Analysis is a Theory if Personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change. As a Theory of personality, TA gives us a picture of how people are structured psychologically. The same model helps us understand how people function- how they express their personality in terms of behavior. TA also provides a Theory of Communication, a method of analyzing systems and relationships.

TA can be applied in virtually all fields of psychology: educational, counseling, organizational and psychotherapy.

TA is based on some philosophical assumptions:

– People are OK
– Everyone has the capacity to think
– People decide their own destiny. These decisions can be changed.

TA is a contractual method, which means that the practitioner and the client take joint responsibility for achieving the decided goals. In TA practice, a contract is established, in which both parts know their task, and the task is shared (if only one of the parts does all the work, then it’s not a good contract).

TA practice is also based on open communication, which means that both the practitioner and the client have full information about what is going on in their work.

What is the purpose of my seminars?

I will share with the participants the basic concepts of TA. By “basic concepts” I mean that I will cover (high level of course) the “milestones” of TA theory, paying attention on how the model is linked to reality (personal and professional life). My objective is to provide a “new” perspective in looking/analysing our relationships and behaviours to move towards a full quality of life.


This is the whole Program of TA-based Seminars in MIB Networking Cafè in Rome:

1) Picturing Personality: The Ego-State Model January (30 th 2018)

2) Communicating: Transactions, Life Positions, Strokes and Time Structuring (March, 21st 2018)

3) Writing our own life story: Life-Scripts (date tbd)

4) Making the world fit our script: Redefining the reality, Passivity, Discounting(date tbd)

5) Justifying our script beliefs: Rackets and “Games (date tbd)

Looking forward to meeting you in Rome Seminars!

Morgana Mastrocinque

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