MIB Alumni Roma: 3 key words from the second seminar on “Self-Discovery” – Okness, Strokes, Life-Script

The second of a series of 6 meetings aimed at making us better acquainted with ourselves and the mechanisms of our minds organized by Giancarlo Giuliani and held by Claudio Colaiacomo and Morgana Mastrocinque.

In the chapter “Using our mental resources use at their top”, guided by Morgana (Fixed Costs Specialist in Ford Italia; Counselor in Organizational Transactional Analysis and NLP Practitioner), we had the chance to familiarize with some key concepts of Transactional Analysis to better understand our intrapsychic and interpersonal “functioning” dynamics.

3 Key words that caught my attention most are:

OK-NESS: I’m OK, you are OK. I accept myself and I grant the same importance and rights to others

STROKES: “A stroke is a unit of attention which provides stimulation to an individual”: every person needs physical and psychological stimulation

LIFE-SCRIPT: decisions about ourselves are crystallized during our first years of life but we have the power to change them

With an increased self-awareness and curiosity I’m looking forward to the next meeting!

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