Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of MIB Trieste School of Management – Alumni Address

Last May 18th was a special day for our School: the celebration of its Foundation Thirtieth Anniversary and the conferment of Honorary MBA Degree in International Business to Gianpietro Benedetti, President of Danieli Group.
On this particular occasion I had the honor and pleasure to represent our Association and to give a speech talking about the core values, the principles, the aim and the activities of MIB Trieste Alumni Association.
I hope I was able to interpret and transmit the so-called “MIB Spirit” – that distinguishes us – to the audience.
You can find the intergral text of the speech (translated into English) below.

Alumni Address – May 18th, 2018

Alumni Address during the ceremony

Good evening,

I am very happy to have the honor, on this special day for MIB Trieste School of Management, to represent the Alumni Association, the School Graduates, and to bring you greetings from the Board.

During one of her public speeches, Michelle Obama said: ≪When you’ve worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity…you do not slam it shut behind you…you reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.≫

Well, these phrases embody the main value that has always been at the base of the Alumni Association, which has inspired the activity of past Boards and that continues to guide the activity of the current Governing Council: the “give back” principle, that mutual sharing of “something“ that we ourselves have previously received from the community.

As students, once passed through that doorway, many months of great challenges awaited us, with burdensome commitments resulting into great opportunities in terms of knowledge, experience, relationships, human relations, personal and professional growth.

We are convinced that the achievement of the Diploma does not mark an end, but a new beginning; we believe in the continuity of the link with the School and with all that has been shared and built jointly with the extraordinary people of the Faculty, the Staff, the course colleagues. We think that it is important to keep these contacts alive, to develop new ones with other graduates and with the students themselves, creating mentorship opportunities as well. We believe that we cannot give up, that the pith characterizing the training and refresher courses at MIB cannot be lost, linked to the already mentioned “give back” principle. This is part of something bigger, that we like to call “MIB Spirit”.

MIB Trieste Alumni Association, founded in 2005 with the aim of encouraging, developing and consolidating both the connections between graduates and between the School and the graduates themselves, has almost 2000 members, distributed in more than 90 countries, and it is under the “MIB Spirit” that 15 local Chapters have been constituted, not only in Italy, but also in the world. The most recent ones, formed at the beginning of the month, are those of Treviso and Hong Kong.

The Board counts 12 graduates, elected by the Assembly last November. We are a close-knit and motivated team, heterogeneous in terms of attended Masters, age and expertise, furthermore we have an excellent gender balance and we work on a voluntary basis.

As stated by our President Dorina Stanculescu: ≪People are the core of MIB Trieste Alumni Association. A wonderful and heterogeneous community, dedicated to creating a real sense of belonging among its members and active in contributing with projects, collaborations and continuing education to the growth of the Alumni, of the School and eventually of the society itself≫.

The aim of the Association is to continue on the already traced path and, together with the School and the Chapters, to stimulate the Community towards networking development and the creation of educational, cultural and recreational initiatives. Continuous training, professional networking, experience sharing  and the launch of entrepreneurial and managerial initiatives, personal development and career development are among the main objectives pursued by the Association.

The guidelines outlined by the Board are expressed in meetings, seminars, workshops on specific management issues, in the sharing of contacts and members’ profiles, in mailing and job posting activities for the replacement of graduates.

Alumni often come back to the classroom on the other side of the desk by bringing testimonies and company presentations, participating in initiatives of employment branding, or giving their availability for tutoring, internships and mentorships dedicated to current students.

There is no shortage of leisure activities and informal meeting, such as the Networking Cafes, organized simultaneously in different cities, sometimes with insights on specific issues by graduates or special guests.

We also aim to ensure that the Association becomes increasingly a point of reference for all Alumni and that the value of the MIB Brand is further strengthened internationally, thereby increasing the value of our diplomas and our background.

Concretely, in the short term, this results into another special and intense occasion for our Community, in addition to today’s, and which will take place tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: the Annual Reunion. Many Alumni are reaching us from Italy, from various European countries and some even from far afield.

Next Fall we will be involved to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Barcolana Race and a special event dedicated to the Alumni will take place.

Our events are always open not only to graduates, but also to students, family members and friends, to anyone who expresses interest in the MIB world and shares its ethics and values. We therefore invite you to stay tuned on the social channels of the School and the Association, you will find plenty of news.

I thank you for your attention and, before concluding, please allow me the honor, on behalf of the Board, of MIB Trieste Alumni Association and mine, to formulate to the President Gianpietro Benedetti the warmest welcome to our Community as an Honorary Member!


Francesca Soglian

Board Member at MIB Trieste Alumni Association

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