Value Added: Key Concept of Alumni and Students’ Meeting in Munich


I bet you have heard about value added very often during your master programs at MIB. Therefore I will use this concept to share with you why my recent participation at the alumni and students’ meeting in Munich is all about value added. It is about living experiences, about priorities, and ultimately about people and building relationships. As an amazing leadership trainer used to say, “the more you put in, the more you get out”.

Held on Wednesday, 18th of April in Munich, the event was part of the Munich Study Tour organized by MIB Trieste School of Management. It was an occasion to bring together Munich based Alumni and current students, within a format comprising lifelong learning, group discussion, networking and fun!

Allianz Chief Performance Officer, Jesus Marin Rodriguez shared with the MIB Community a highly interesting and interactive workshop on the role of technologies and how insurance companies need to adapt to digital transformation. The inputs he gave on productivity, efficiency, revolution versus evolution, as well as the discussions that took place offered valuable takeaways for all participants, irrespective of their backgrounds or career fields.


Another important and very useful part of this event was the meeting between the alumni working in Munich and the students. The meeting unfolded in an informal, yet organized way that allowed the Alumni to present themselves, while offering advice and answering the numerous questions the students had for them. From the cost of living in Munich to whether the city offers a reasonable night life or not, the following alumni took time to patiently share their experience and opinions on many aspects of their lives in Munich: Kristina Filipova,  Kristian Vukojicic, Pevcevic Djordje, Vjenceslav Resli, Antonino Mazzamuto, Manish Shetty, Nikolina Mezulic, Similiano Faillace, Stojanovic, Djordje, Evgeni Krumov. I thank you all on behalf of the Association.

The networking went on also during dinner in a typical Bavarian restaurant, where other two alumni joined the MIB group:  Ivan Fazzari and Chirayu Navalkar. It is always surprising to see how a pint of good beer makes people more talkative, less shy and offers topics for discussion that in other contexts would seem inappropriate.

As president of the Association, I personally joined the event with the aim of bringing the alumni closer to the association and gathering constructive feedback for the future. I also intended to give a clear message that the MIB Trieste Alumni Association is an international community and that the governing board of the Association is supporting the initiatives its members are promoting worldwide. In the “social media“ era, I am convinced that “presence“ still makes the difference, and I am happy to have met in person more than 50 members of the association. The workshop, the dinner, the BMW visit, as well as the long bus trip back to Trieste gave me the chance to talk to many of you individually and get to know you better. It was definitely worth joining you in Munich!

Dorina Stanculescu

MBA 21, President MIB Trieste Alumni Association

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